58 Bullet Journal Ideas – Inspiring Page Ideas for Beginners & BuJo Experts

No matter what kind of collection page you want to create in your bullet journal, here are lots of bullet journal ideas you can get inspiration from.

  • 1 – Life Check

A Level 10 Life helps you to take a look at your life and check in with your goals in the 10 fields: Health & Fitness, Physical Environment, Giving/Contribution, Fun & Recreation, Partnership/ Marriage, Career, Finances, Spirituality, Personal Development, Family & Friends.

  • 2 – Gratitude Log

There is nothing as lovely and pure as gratitude. Keeping a gratitude log is a great way to be happier and thankful. It will remind you of all the things you have and all the people that love you.

  • 3 – Affirmation Log

Repeating positive and encouraging affirmations like “I am strong and lovable”, “I have everything I need to be successful” or “My marriage is becoming stronger, deeper, and more stable each day” are powerful affirmations that can change your feelings towards things, people or yourself. They can even change your life if you repeat them constantly.

  • 4 – Vision Board

A vision board is a creative process to set clear goals and intentions for what you want in your life, so you can grow and transform yourself. Write down the things you ultimately want in life (or paste in images) and what you are working towards — your dream job, vacation, physical goals, etc.

  • 5 – Yearly Spread

A yearly spread, also called future log, shows the whole year at a glance and lists the most important goals for every month.

  • 6 – Monthly Spreads

There are lots of different varieties and you shouldn’t feel restricted to only one kind. Experiment for a few months with different kinds of monthly spreads until you find the ones you really like.

  • 7 – Weekly Spreads

Weekly spreads are great to plan out all your tasks in advance and see the most important ToDos and appointments at a glance.

  • 8 – Habit Tracker

Keeping a habit tracker is great for building positive habits and breaking down bad habits. You can keep an honest account of your growth and see what you’re already good at and what might need some more focus and consistency. 

  • 9 – Bad Habits to Break

I would highly suggest that everyone who is trying to break bad habits give this spread a shot. Knowing your bad habits is the first step you need to make before working on breaking them.

  • 10 – Brain Dump

When you get the feeling that your mind starts to get messy a Brain Dump is a great way to put all the thoughts down and to sort them. Let all the thoughts and stressors flow out of your mind until you feel like the pressure inside of you is lessened and you can take a deep breath. 

  • 11 – Bucket List (Summer, Autumn…)

You can either create a bucket list for your life, for this year or even break it down to seasons. Why not create a “Summer Bucker List”?

  • 12 – Goals & Rewards

Setting measurable and achievable goals and tracking the progress can be very motivating. Setting rewards if you hit a mark can be very helpful to push through and reach your goals.

  • 13 – Accomplishments / Done List

It can be extremely encouraging and motivating to think about your achievements from time to time and write down all the things you’ve already accomplished and achieved.

  • 14 – About Me/ Things I love

You can include whatever you want on this page. Creating an about me page is a great way to highlight what you are currently feeling good about, what you love and what your talents and strengths are.

  • 15 – Values & Beliefs

Your beliefs and values shape your reality. Gaining clarity about them will help you to discover yourself. Evaluating them can also help you to find out which beliefs and values are helpful and which ones are preventing you from reaching your goals.

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  • 16 – Reading List / Listening List (Podcast, Audiobooks)

A reading or listening list will keep all books, audiobook and podcasts in one place so that you don’t forget what you want to read next.

  • 17 – Movies to Watch & Favorite Movies

If you’re a movie lover, a Movie List is a great way to keep track of movies your favorite movies, movies you watched and movies you want to watch.

  • 18 – Favorite Songs

Keeping a list of your favorite songs can help you to remember the songs you like and also be a great source if you want to create playlists.

  • 19 – Mood Tracker

Keeping track of your mood will help you better quantify how you feel, and give you a reference point what things are making you happy and what is bringing you down (and maybe needs to be changed).

  • 20 – Morning Routine

What does your ideal morning look like? Write your ideal morning routine would look like and track the days you complete it.

  • 21 – Evening Routine

Write out what your ideal evening routine would look like and track the days you complete the full drill.

  • 22 – Self-Care Ideas

List your favorite self-care ideas. When you’re ready to treat yourself and need some ideas, check the list.

  • 23 – Weight Loss Tracker

Keeping a visual tracker makes it easier to lose weight. Seeing the progress you’ve made can make a huge impact and be a great motivation. Keeping a tracker helps you stick to your goals and not be too hard on yourself.

  • 24 – Movement Tracker

You can either create a fitness tracker with specific exercises or just track time when you moved, no matter which kind of sport or exercise you did or if you just went for a walk with your dog or did some stretching.

  • 25 – Relationship Goals

List out your shared goals with your partner and monitor their progress.

  • 26 – Wish List/ Shopping

Track your shopping wishes and all shopping trips. Write out where you bought your items. If you end up falling in love with those new leggings, you’ll now remember where they came from!

  • 27 – Budget Tracker

Write down everything you spend for an entire month and categorize them into things like bills, grocery, entertainment, subscription fees, etc. See where you can cut back and create a monthly or weekly budget for yourself.

  • 28 – Memories Page

Life flies by so fast, and it is so easy never to stop and appreciate all the positive things that have happened. Keeping a memories page forces you to take a bit of time to remember all the good.

  • 29 – Appreciation Sheet/ Acts of Kindness

Write down things you could do to show kindness to others. Write a “thank you” message to someone, asking your neighbors if they need help or look for community work you could do.

  • 30 – Things My Kids Say

This can be an absolutely hilarious spread to look back on. All kids have their hilarious quotes, so a spread in your journal with all those “darndest things”, is a great memory for you but also for your kids.

  • 31 – Hobby Tracking

Are you looking to start a hobby? Maybe to relieve some stress? Make a tracker to monitor how much time you’re actually devoting to learning your new hobby.

  • 32 – Ideal Day

What does your ideal day look like? Write in how your ideal day would actually look from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep and work towards making it come true.

  • 33 – Places to Visit

Print out or draw a map of a country (or the world), and mark what you want to visit. You can also create a city spread and write a list of all the cities you want to visit.

  • 34 – Foreign Language Phrases

Write down common phrases in the foreign language you’re learning. Or make a spread like “I Love You” or “Where do I find …” in 10 languages.

  • 35 – Packing List

Make a general packing list you can reference whenever packing for a big trip.

  • 36 – Weekend Gateway Ideas

Have a long weekend coming up? Make a list of fun destinations — within driving distance — for quick weekend getaway ideas.

  • 37 – Gift Ideas

Write down gift ideas for your loved ones. That way, when Christmas and birthdays come around, you can just look at your list to know exactly who wants what!

  • 38 – Skincare Routine

Make note of everything you use for skin care and track any changes when trying out or adding new products to your routine.

  • 39 – Fashion (Favorite Outfits, Outfit Ideas)

Reflect on your favorite outfits (ones you own or ones you see in everyday culture).

  • 40 – Mind Map

A mind map is a great way to organize information visually. You can have mind maps for projects, for goals or vacation trips.

  • 41 – Emergency Medical Numbers

It’s good to have a list with all emergency numbers and if needed all medication so that have all important information in one place in the case of an emergency.

  • 42 – Money Saving Ideas

List out ways to save which will help you develop healthy spending habits.

  • 43 – Investment Ideas (stocks to watch)

Make of list of new financial opportunities. This can be stocks you want to watch, bonds, real estate, seed investments or anything else.

  • 44 – Favorite Quotes

Make a full page of your favorite quotes. Look for motivational or inspirational quotes and read them when you feel doubtful or down.

  • 45 – Inspirational people

List all the people that inspire you and what it is that you’re admiring them for. Follow them on social media and look for books they wrote or things they said.

  • 46 – Things to sell

Make an extra buck or two by selling items you don’t need. Make a comprehensive list and log when, for how much, and where (Craigslist, Facebook) you sold it.

  • 47 – Events/ Conferences

Make an event or conference list with all the events you want to visit and who you want to get to know or network with.

  • 48 – Master Grocery List

This permanent list allows you to build your grocery list from a template every time so you won’t forget those pesky oddball items.

  • 49 – Recipe Bank (Old & New)

The idea is that you have lots of recipes and their ingredients listed out, and you can reference them quickly and easily while meal planning. 

  • 50 – Favorite Haircuts & Hairstyles

Track when you cut your hair and what hairstyles you went with. You can also put down your favorite haircuts or hairstyles.

  • 51 – Studying Ideas (Topics you want to research)

Make a list of everything you want to learn or you’re curious about.

  • 52 – Study Tracker

If you are a student, this is an essential bullet journal spread. You can put in all the topics and projects you need to work on and

  • 53 – Medication Tracker

A pill reminder or medication tracker is very helpful for yourself, but also for family members or doctors.

  • 54 – Sleep Tracker

Sleep is a huge factor when it comes to our daily energy and concentration levels. Tracking your sleep will allow you to better check if you are sleeping enough hours.

  • 55 – Yard / Watering Tracker

You can plan out all the plants and flowers you want to plant in your yard. Another spread you could create is a schedule when to water your plants or lawn and track each time you do.

  • 56 – Friends Names & Numbers

Having all numbers written down can be vera helpful if you don’t synchronize your phone. In the case you lose it you’ll have still the most important numbers to get in touch with your family and friends.

  • 57 – Inspirational Accounts (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest)

You’ll find a lot of inspiration on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest for any hobby you’re looking to pick up.

  • 58 – Usernames & Passwords

Keep all your social accounts and personal-related login details in one place. You can create the same List for your work accounts.

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