About Me

Hi, I’m Maria and I felt “caught in the wrong world” for too many years.

I got a well paid corporate job and everything looked good from outside, but inside I felt like I was dying…

So I quit and chose freedom and adventure over stability and security.

It took me many years and many failed business ideas until I finally found something where all things I loved and I wanted to do just came together…

Let’s connect on InstagramYouTube or Pinterest. 🙂


Me Journaling and Personal Development

My bucketlist 2022/2023:

  • Visit an Affiliate Conference  – Done!
  • Attend a Tony Robbins Seminar – Done!
  • Create an Online Business with more than 50k per month – Working on
  • Reach my Dream Weight – Working on
  • Create the Best Self Development Platform (with the best Self Development Courses & Motivational Talks all in one place)
  • Learn to kite
  • Learn Salsa (semi-professional)
  • Learn Motocross jumps
  • Learn a backflip
  • Helicopter License
  • Learn to DJ and to produce music
  • Sailing License
  • Travel 10 countries
  • Join a high-class mastermind
  • Attend a Joe Dispenza meditation week
  • Remodel a camper
  • Take dancing classes
  • Take singing classes & perform a song

 Yes, I deeply believe that it’s possible to live the beautiful life we want, if we learn to listen to our hearts, to be courageous, to surround us with inspiring people and to commit to constant grow and experimentation.