Want to help to develop the World’s #1 Self Development Platform?

I believe that we are all meant to shine, to be happy and to live a fulfilled and financially independent life.

As Self Development is not taught at school and we rarely learn it at home. A lot of us are left with the believes we’ve learned in our childhood, convinced that we can’t have more or that we don’t deserve to be happy, healthy or wealthy.

When we finally stumble upon the right books, experts and inspirational talks that are showing us how to reach what we want to have in our lives we all have the same question: Why didn’t we learn about all this earlier?

My Mission is to make Self Development knowledge easily available for everybody. Why should we spend years searching for the right information, when we can reach our goals within months with the right guidance and support?

The DreamLifeMinds Self Development Platform will help 100.000 people to create a life they love in the next 5 years!

Having the best self-development courses, experts and motivational videos all in one place will enable you to get to your Dream Self and your Dream Life easier and faster.

Living a life of joy and financial independence will help you to do the things you always wished to do and to provide for your family the way you always wanted. 

But I need your help to reach that! If you have 3 minutes I would really appreciate if you could fill out this 5-questions form. That would help me a lot to find out what topics we need to work on first. If you want to contact me, feel free to shoot me a message (contact@free-and-healthy.com).

Thank you all and a big hug,