My Favorite Self Help Books & Why I Love Them

The books I chose for this “Best Of” list would probably fit into the categories “how to create your dream life”, “how to get rid of bad habits”, “how to build an online business” and “how to have success in life”. 

The books “The Lean Startup” and “The One Thing” are books I would recommend to entrepreneurs. But all other books are a good read for everybody. 

No other book I´ve read about habits explains so well why we are fighting so much with our bad habits.

At the same time James is giving simple instructions that enable us to change our bad habits and get the right ones established so that we can have success in reaching what we want, no matter if it´s a new career, body or behavior.

Not just his story makes Napoleon Hill extraordinary, but this book is literally my life book.

It has so much wisdom and so many experiences and ideas in it, that I consider it a must-read for everybody who want´s to grow and especially for people who want to become Entrepreneurs or experts in a field.

Even if you don´t plan to build a startup this book can help you to understand the concept of testing and will show you why it´s totally ok to fail (and why better to fail fast).

For me it´s one of the best books, cause it´s reminding me not to decide something based on my “feelings” but to make assumptions, test them and see what´s working.

Hal was looking for patterns of successful people and found some that many of them were sharing. Thinking “what would happen if I combine all of them and do them every morning” he created the “Miracle Morning” which helped thousands to change their lives. This book has introduced me to morning routines and taught me how critical it is to “prime” yourself in the right way to take on the day.

Before I learned about the Bullet Journal Method my journaling was not very different from writing a diary.

This method incredibly improved my journaling giving me a great structure, which includes weekly and monthly reviews as well as setting yearly and quarterly goals. Every day and week get´s a clear page, so you are never discouraged seeing all To-Dos you haven´t done yet.

John made me think about the 5 things I want to reach in my life before I die. It´s not just a great read but it also shows how we can gain clarity and follow paths that matter for us.

Since I´ve read that book I gained clarity about the impact I want to have in the world and the bigger “projects” I want to take on, so that I can say “I´ve accomplished what mattered most to me”.

A must-read for Entrepreneurs! Helping to get rid of distractions and prioritizing just the one thing that really matters (for that specific day or week).

Can help especially those of you who have many interests, problems with distractions and just not getting much done.

When I started to deeply believe that nothing is impossible and (crazy!) things I manifested started to happen, I started to read about the Law Of Attraction.

It opened a new world for me and is continuously giving me the strength to go for the “impossible” :).