17+ Bullet Journal Future Log Ideas and Examples

In this blog I will show you 17+ future log designs and layouts that could help you to be super productive and find the right inspiration to set your yearly goals and also to reach them.

A bullet journal setup usually begins with setting up the index page(s) but the next thing after that is the future log. But before we go into the different future log layouts let’s start with an explanation what a future log is…

What is a Bullet Journal Future Log?

A bullet journal future log is a year at a glance spread and the place where you add all of your important events. A future log is basically a calendar spread to see what is relevant for your future planning. 

When new events appear you simply add them to your future log. When you setup your monthly spreads you take a look at the future log and put all the important events in the monthly log.

What is a Bullet Journal?

If you are just starting out with bullet journaling I have a few links you might want to check out to learn what a bullet journal is and to see how to setup a bullet journal in 8 easy steps.

Bullet Journal Future Log Setup

The way you set up your future log spread is totally up to you. You can have 3 months per page but also 6 is you want to keep the future log short. I like to set up 3 months per page, so that I can add and cross out events during the year when something changes.

You want to set up your future log as one of the first pages in your notebook, right after the bullet journal index and the key spreads.

What to list in your future log?

You can add different events to your future log like 

  • birthdays and anniversaries, 
  • holidays, 
  • school appointments and vacation,
  • travels, 
  • community activities,
  • doctor appointments,
  • sports events,
  • bill deadlines,
  • work meetings, conferences, or other appointments.

You can add here any events that do not have a place in your monthly or weekly spreads yet.

My favorite future log examples

In some notebooks, like in the official Bullet Journal notebook, you will find the future log amongst one of the first journal pages. 

If you prefer to set up your own layout and design and have a personalized future log, check out some of the following designs …

Stylish Future Logs

Some people are incredible designers and like to put a lot of effort and time in the details of their designs. Here are some examples of future logs which are very unique and beautifully designed.

future log example 1
Photo credit: @isabelhoops on Instagram
Photo credit: @devangari.art on Instagram
future log by bumblebujo
Photo credit: @bumblebujo on Instagram
future log by allorasbujo
Photo credit: @allorasbujo on Instagram

Simple and Minimalist Future Logs

You can keep your future log also simple and clean. Here are a few beautiful layouts and designs that can give you some inspiration.

Photo credit: @thizidizi.bujo on Instagram
future log by roxpaperstickers
Photo credit: @roxpaperstickers on Instagram
Photo credit: @bulletjournal_by_ladieslounge on Instagram
Photo credit: @blackinkjournalism on Instagram
Photo credit: @paws.and.paper on Instagram 
Photo credit: @journalspiration on Instagram
Photo credit: @planwithmaddy on Instagram

Colored Future Logs

I love the colored designs. Usually I’m taking a minimal layout as a basic layout and adding some some colors to it. 

Photo credit: @ladyjbujo on Instagram
future log by sidereal-life
Photo credit: @sidereal life on Pinterest
Photo credit: @beccadepapel on Instagram
future log layout by zenycrea
Photo credit: @zenycrea on Instagram
future log by definitelybeautiful-bujo
Photo credit: @definitelybeautiful_bujo on Instagram
future log design by study-moon
Photo credit: @_study.moon_ on Instagram
future log layout by isabelhoops
Photo credit: @isabelhoops on Instagram