My Goals + Monthly Update – Real Talk

- August Goals Revised -

Business Goals

One/ Create a Course & get familiar with the Groove All-in-One business platform

I created a course teaching how to create a membership site. The Groove platform was by biggest online business discovery this year and I think it’s really on the way to becoming the new standard for building online businesses. If you want to learn more, go to Groove and check it out.

Personal Goals

One/ Find a coffee alternative

Found a great alternative to coffee: Lupine coffee! Without caffeine or gluten. I love the taste and it tastes even better without any kind of “milk”.

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Life Changing Quotes

How it all started...

Just after finishing the first year in a corporate job – which was 7 years ago – I realized that this would never fulfill me. So I quit and started the journey to myself…

It was a crazy journey with ups and downs, working with startups, trying to become a web developer, photographer, affiliate marketer, starting in a new company and quitting again … until I finally found out about self development and personal growth…

Yes, this is what I’m supposed to do in my life: Be an inspiration for others to live their dreams and help them to find their true selves and to create a life they love to live!

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