Free Printables – 5 Bullet Journal Spreads You Need To Try

If you’re searching for some bullet journal spread ideas you might also have stumbled upon some beautiful designs that seemed “impossible” to do for you… 

At least I felt incredibly intimidated at the beginning when I started my first bullet journal. And even though I was not bad at painting and drawing it took some time until I realized that there are a lot of simple and smart bullet journal spread ideas and designs that are easy to make even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

There are so many ways to make a bullet journal spread look beautiful: You can use bullet journal stickers, washi tapes, free printables and other bullet journal spread designs to create your own beautiful designs. 

Design Templates

Washi Tape


There are also a lot of journal templates and designs like doodles, flower or theme templates which you can put under a bullet journal page and simply “copy” some elements to create your own unique spread.

To give you some more inspiration and make it easier for your to get started I took my favorite bullet journal spreads and created A5 PDFs so that you can easily print them out and use them. 

If you’re looking for more bullet journal design inspiration (for weekly spread ideas or monthly layouts) or if you’re a beginner and want to know how to set up a bullet journal, my Bullet Journal Setup Guide would be a good read and help you to get started.

How To Use The Bullet Journal Spread Printables

All free printables have 2 versions, one with headers and one without headers, for the case you want to add your own touch to them.

Free Printables Bullet Journal Spreads

When you put in your email address you’ll get directed to a drive folder with the printables zip folder. Download the whole zip folder.

download free printables for your bullet journal
After you’ve downloaded the bullet journal printables zip folder you’ll need to unzip it to get all printable journal spreads as pdf files. When you find the zipped file on your computer just double-click to unzip it (or right-click on the zip file and choose “extract”). This will create a new unzipped folder and reveal the contents of the file. The best way to get these printables on a bullet journal spread is to use either sticker paper or normal paper and paste it on your journal spread using the Tombow Mono Adhesive.

How To Fill In Your Bullet Journal Spreads

Because all printables have also a clean version which allows you to use it in different ways, depending on your needs and preferences, I took one of the bullet journal spread examples and filled it out. But please, just take this is just an example and feel free to fill out the printables and bullet journal spreads as you want.

Free Printables Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Example

These are just examples how you could fill in the spaces, but you can use the meal plan box to plan your daily goals or exercises instead of you meals or to track your daily spending. 

The notes box could also be use for events, birthdays, daily memories, affirmations, gratitude notes or simply to brainstorm ideas or to draw doodles & more.

The habit tracker can also be used as a water tracker, an anxiety or mood tracker or for anything else you want to track during the week.

You can print it out a few times and experiment a bit to find out which structure is the one you like most. 

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Free Printables Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

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